Large floods in British Columbia.

General De Cissey died in Paris yesterday.

The labor strikers were in a quieter mood yesterday.

The marks in Italian I. will be out the first part of next week.

Ten thousand persons have thus far left Egypt on account of the riots.


Class day occurred at Brown yesterday. Asa Diltz, Jr., deliverad the oration.

Last night's Irish-American ball in the Mechanics' fair building was a great success.

M. Maxime Outrey, the French minister, has presented his letters of recall to the President.

It is said that the bondsman of the Ayer postmaster is mixed up in the post-office swindle.

Another juryman on the Malley trial has lost a daughter; consequently no business was done yesterday.

Ball games yesterday: Detroits 11, Troys 8; Buffalos 4, Worcesters 3; Metropolitans 7, Clevelands 3.

As the Japanese indemnity bill now reads, it directs the President to pay $785,000 out of his own purse to Japan.

The Egyptian excitement is gradually subsiding, as five more gunboats of different European nations are on their way thither.

It has been decided that the entire Servian ministry shall remain in office, and carry out the programme in the electoral decree of the king.

Ross being satisfied that Hanlan is unable to row, has relinquished his claim to the stakes. The regatta will come off as advertised, and Ross will receive $1000 for exhibition and expenses.