The strike among iron workers still continues with both sides firm.

The Senate has fixed the age of compulsory retirement from the army at 64 years.

The Randolph heirs of Virginia oppose the proposed removal of Jefferson's remains to Washington.

Guiteau's wife has sent a plea to the President for a commutation of the sentence of the unhappy man.

Base-ball games yesterday. - At Boston, home nine, 10; Detroit, 2. At Philadelphia, home nine, 4; Worcester, 3. At New York, Metropolitan, 2: Buffalo, 1.


Ellesmere's horse Wallenstein (formerly owned by Lorillard) has been scratched from the races for the royal hunt cup and the Wokingham stakes at Ascot heath this week.

Representative J. S. Robinson of Ohio has recently made a valuable contribution to the ethnological collection of the Smithsonian Institute. It consists of a narrow bracelet of copper plated with silver, found in a mound on land along the Scioto river owned by Gen. Robinson, together with the skeletons of three mound builders, pieces of copper armor and curiously-fashioned arrow-heads. The wristlet is deemed especially valuable as an evidence of the ability of the pre-historic race which built the mounds to plate one metal on another.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., June 6, 1882 - 1 A. M. For New England, fair weather in the southern portions, local rains in the extreme northern portion, with slightly warmer west to south winds and higher barometer.