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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD : Will you permit me through your columns to urge those who have not yet subscribed to the University Crew to give as much as they can when called upon. The crew, by their victory of last year, certainly deserve the support of the college. This year, as those who saw the report of last year's treasurer may recall, the crew started in with a debt of nearly twelve hundred dollars, and I earnestly hope that this debt may be entirely cancelled, and the Boat Club left free from debt at the end of the year. Unless money is subscribed more freely, however, I fear there will be another deficit at the end of this year. Let me urge the members of the freshman class in particular to make their subscriptions as large as possible. In estimating the amounts to be contributed by the various classes it has been the custom hitherto to count upon thirty-three and one-third per cent of the total amount from the freshman class, but unless the members of '86 contribute more freely than they have done thus far this year, they will fall far below the estimate.

In conclusion, let me say, that if those who wish to subscribe would send the amount of their subscription to me by mail, without waiting for me to call upon them personally, they would save me much trouble. All money so received will be promptly acknowledged.

I remain, very respectfully,

L. E. SEXTON,Treas. H. U. B. C., 1 Holyoke street,

Cambridge, Mass.

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