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[This Calendar will be published weekly. Secretaries of societies and all others desiring to have announcements made in this column will confer a favor by sending such announcements to THE CRIMSON, Cambridge, Mass.]

Saturday, Jan. 13, to Saturday, Jan. 20.

SATURDAY, Jan. 13.

SUNDAY, Jan. 14. - 7.30 P. M., Appleton Chapel, sermon by C. C. Everett, D. D.

MONDAY, Jan. 15. - 7 P. M., Roberts Hall, Glee Club Rehearsal. - 7.30 P. M., Sever 11, GERMAN READING by Mr. Lutz.

TUESDAY, Jan. 16. - 2 P. M. to 5.30 P. M., Sever 1 and 3, Sophomore Theme III. will be returned, with criticism, to section 1 of divisions I. and II. - 7.30 P. M., Boylston Hall, Professor J. P. Cooke, "Egypt and her Monuments." special subject, "Edfoo and Philoe," illustrated by stereopticon. - 7.30 P. M., Armory Hall, Third Armory Hall Assembly.

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 17. - 2 P. M., Museum of Comparative Zoology, Dr. Wadsworth will lecture on Lithology. - 2 P.M., Sever 11, Professor Sargent will lecture on Physiology and Hygiene. - 4 P.M., Sever 7, Professor Shaler and Mr. Davis, informal meeting for the discussion of geological subjects. - 7. P.M., Roberts Hall, Glee Club Rehearsal. - 7.30 P.M., Divinity Chapel, President Eliot will lecture on "An Educated Ministry." - 7.30 P.M., Sever 11, Assyrian Reading by Professor Lyon.

THURSDAY, Jan. 18. - 12 M., Divinity Hall, Upper Lecture Room, Professor Lyon will lecture on "Assyrian Antiquities." - 4 P.M., Sever 3, Seniors entitled to Commencement Parts will meet Professor A. S. Hill.

FRIDAY, Jan. 19. - 11 A.M., Sever 3, Third Junior Forensic will be due. Subjects: 1. Can a State do anything to make hard times easier? 2. Is the fair price of an article precisely equivalent to its market value? 3. Ought Americans to take more time for exercise and recreation? 4. Should poetic diction differ from that of prose? 5. Should freedom of debate in legislative assemblies ever be restricted?

SATURDAY, Jan. 20.

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