There will be no lecture in N. H. 7 today.

Prof. Norton was unable to lecture yesterday.

Candidates for the freshman nine are in training.

The third Armory Hall assembly occurs tonight.

The hot-water apparatus at the gymnasium is being repaired.


The amount of gifts to the college during last year was $157,099.

Prof. Langdell gave his first lecture in suretyship and mortgages yesterday.

The prizes for the winter meetings of the Athletic Association are to be cups.

The new physical laboratory, costing $115,000, will be started in the spring.

A new law club has been formed by first year students in the Law School.

A member of '86 from California had never seen snow before coming to Harvard.

A treatise on political economy by Prof. Francis A. Walker has just been published.

Mr. C. T. Dazey, class poet of '81, was married recently and is now living in New York.

The Glee Club now numbers twelve members, several gentlemen having recently withdrawn.

Mr. John C. Rolfe, '81, now instructor at Cornell, was married Jan. 3, to Miss Nina Seavey of Cambridge.