Keene, the English bicyclist, is coming across to meet Prince.

The cricket club are planning a trip to New York and Philadelphia sometime next May.

Geo. W. Carr is president and L. E. Myers secretary of the Manhattan Athletic Club for 1883.

Mr. Storrs, the Yale veteran who is at present in the Columbia Law School, will probably not row there.

A Frenchman has produced a steam tricycle which he says will enable the rider to travel from fifteen to twenty miles an hour.


An international skating tournament is soon to be held in Wales, in which the national champions of England and Norway are expected to compete.

Snow-shoeing is finding favor in the suburbs of Boston, Mass. Aside from those who put them on for pleasure, hunters and others find them useful in travelling over the snow. - [Ex.

The second annual international match at Rugby foot-ball between elevens representing England and Wales was played at Swansea, Eng., Dec. 16, and the English won by two goals and four tries to nothing.

In the bicycle tournament to be held in the Institute Fair building, Boston, on Thursday, Feb. 1. Prince and Frye will start from scratch in a ten-mile handicap race, in which Rollinson will receive 30s. and Harrison 40s. start, and others according to their abilities.

The Crescent Boat Club, an amateur organization of Boston, Mass., has applied for membership in the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen. The boat-house will be located on the banks of the Charles River. Several single-scull shells have been ordered of Wm. Blakey.

T. E. Wells, president of the Oxford University Athletic Club, England, on Dec. 18, took his Bachelor's degree. Last season he beat W. G. George off the mark at the Exeter sports in a half-mile race, and later on in the University sports he defeated Eyre by eight yards in 1m. 57 2-5s.

It is finally decided that the Metropolitan Athletic grounds, New York, are to be divided into two parts for the use of the two professional nines of the city. An eight-foot fence will divide the two fields at the left field of the present ground. This will be constructed so that when occasion may require - as in the case of a pedestrian match or college foot-ball contest - it can be removed.

There is a mysterious club in Boston, which, according to a prominent sporting paper, is called "The Harvard Associates." A recent item reads: "The Harvard Associates, of Boston, Mass., recently elected the following officers: President, Daniel J. Shea; vice-president, Joseph Daly; secretary, Thomas F. Gallagher; treasurer, Frank J. McCarthy." What deep-laid conspiracy the "Harvard Associates" may be plotting is not known; neither are the motives of revenge which induced them to wilfully pilfer Harvard's venerable name. But the outrage of the act is none the less flagrant. Perhaps the Howard Associates will prosecute them for infringement of trade-mark.