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Concerning compulsory prayers and college authorities the Amherst Student quotes the following very apt passage from Wordsworth:

"Was ever known

The witless shepherd who persists to drive

A flock that thinks not, to a pool disliked?

A weight must surely hang on days begun


And ended with such mockery. Be wise

Ye Presidents and Deans, and, till the spirit

Of ancient times revive, and youth be trained

At home to pious service, to your bells

Give seasonable rest, for 'tis a sound

Hollow as ever vexed the tranquil air,

And your officious doings bring disgrace

On the plain steeples of our English church."

The inquiries made several years ago by the Harvard faculty concerning prayers at the homes of students, and the answers received, proved very well that "youth are not trained at home in pious service." The advice of the great poet might well be heeded by Harvard's corporation.