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At the recent meeting of the Yale Boat Club the secretary read a letter of Prof. Wheeler's from Prof. Agassiz of Harvard in which he regretted that, during his abscence, Yale had not been informed that all Harvard's boating interests had been entrusted to the hands of a graduate committee. He asked that Yale appoint a similar committee to confer with theirs. "Now it has always been the sentiment here," says the News, "that our boating be confined to the under-graduates as much as possible: they row the races, they should have the say. However, out of courtesy, our present committee thought such a committee might be temporarily appointed, but not until there was something for them to confer about, that is not until the challenge had been accepted in the usual manner. And this is certainly reasonable, for why should a lot of men get together to discuss something about which there is no certainty, something which, indeed, may be a well founded supposition, yet which is none the less a supposition?"

After the recent correspondence had been laid before the meeting, a letter, drawn up by the present committee expressive of their views, was adopted as a resolution to be forwarded to Harvard.

It was decided "that Harvard be notified that Yale is perfectly willing to discuss any points of difference which may arise in regard to the coming race, but that it seems unnecessary to decide these questions before it has been decided to row this race, and that they are, therefore, unwilling to take any such step as Harvard requests until their challenge has been answered."

A committee, to receive power after the challenge has been accepted, was appointed and is made up of the following named gentlemen: Messrs, G. St. John Sheffield, Geo. Adee and R. A. Bigelow.

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