Recitations end today.

The marks in freshman Latin have been given out.

Cornell proposes to send a nine to play with the Eastern colleges next spring.

Rev. Percy Browne will address the St. Paul's Society in 17 Grays this evening at 7.

"Negative Preaching" will be discussed by Prof. A. P. Peabody in Divinity Chapel at 7.30 P. M. today.


A reception was tendered Red Cloud, the Sioux chief, by Prof. Porter and other members of the Yale faculty.

Dr. Wadsworth lectures on "The Origin of Rocks" in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at 2 P. M. today.

Prof. Sargent's lecture today, in Sever 11 at 2 P. M., will be on the subject, "The Muscles at Rest and in Action."

The Crimson's "Epitome of College News" receives the compliment of being clipped and copied bodily into some of its exchanges.

"The students of Boston College have begun the publication of the Boston College Stylus." But what is Boston College, and where is it?

Guild, '86, is now on the freshman crew in place of Barnes, who has been obliged to cease rowing on account of an injury to his ankle by a fall.

Rev. Francis B. Hornbroke, a former member of the Divinity School, is called to succeed the late Dr. Bellows as pastor of All Souls' Church, New York.

Mr. P. Richmond, '83, intends to leave college. He will not, however, sever his connection with his class but will return to take the examinations.

Members of Dr. Young's section are requested to leave examination books at the office. Dr. Young will be glad to answer questions at his house, 26 Trowbridge street.

Charles S. Hanks, '79, who has been superintendent of the Charles-river Street Railway since its incorporation, has resigned his position for the purpose of re-entering the legal profession.