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The project, which our correspondent advocates, of a union of all the athletic associations in college is open to serious objections, although there is undoubtedly something in its favor. In the first place, by such a union, much of the enthusiasm which is felt by the members of an association for that association, would be lost. there would be no incentive for the managements of the different organizations to come out ahead financially if they were to be helped out by the other members of the athletic union. Again, we doubt if the subscriptions would amount to so much under the proposed scheme. A man who would subscribe five or ten dollars to each of the three important associations, would perhaps find it impossible to subscribe fifteen or thirty dollars to the three united in one.

It is generally understood that the crew is the most deserving of our athletic associations, as it is entirely without means of self-support. Recognizing this fact, the students subscribe liberally. In the case of the other organizations, however, there are generally opportunities for the management to clear away all debts by the end of the year. So it will be seen that our athletic societies, whatever may be the case with those at western colleges, do not need very much assistance from one another, as nearly all of them are in a great degree self-supporting.

As far as the advantages go which might arise from a general order for uniforms given to one manufacturer. We do not see as the results would differ from those possible under the present organization of our athletic associations. There would, as we have said, undoubtedly be some advantages in favor of the proposed scheme, but the manifest disadvantages would seem to clearly outweigh them.

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