Mr. Davis will meet members of N. H. 1 from 3 to 5 P. M. today to answer questions.

It is authoritatively stated that the freshmen will have no Greek composition this year.

The Amherst base-ball captain has two sets of pitchers and catchers training in the gymnasium.

Today has been set apart by churches of Evangelical denominations as a special day of prayer for colleges.

Prof. Lyon delivers his lecture in Divinity Hall upper lecture room at 12 M. today on "The Babylonian Pantheon."


The German books of Freshman Adv. 1, which have been so long delayed, will be ready in a few days at the utmost.

The following is published by request: "It is the swell way," said the foxy junior as he bought the wide-ruled theme-paper.

Sawdust should be put upon the steps of Memorial when they are covered with ice indestructible by pick or shovel.

The selection sung in chapel yesterday morning was a portion of Prof. J. K. Paine's Centennial Hymn, words by Whittier.

Rev. T. T. Munger of North Adams will preach in Appleton Chapel next Sunday evening. Subject: "God our Shield."

It was not Mr. Wells, '84, as the types made it read yesterday, who was injured by falling on the ice, but Mr. J. Wells Morss, '84.

In spite of the mid-years being upon us, a large number of students made good use of the skating on Holmes field yesterday.

Mr. Leutz, instructor in the German department of Harvard, visited the college during the past month. - [Vassar Miscellany.

In the Youth's Companion for 1883 are to appear articles by a recent Harvard graduate on "Shifts and Expedients of College Life."

Five members of the sophomore class of Bowdoin College have been indefinitely suspended for hazing,