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There are certain complaints regarding long standing grievances which cause a smile every time they are read in the CRIMSON. They are so well worn and old that we have been even accused of inserting them regularly whenever there was a lack of fresh ideas to supply the mighty engines of our brains. This is a hopeful sign. It indicates that old Harvard is such a perfect college that there exist only two or three imperfections to make its perfections felt.

We write this simply to note one more of the few small things which disturb the sybaritic tranquility of our existence here.

In all the large hotels and restaurants of our country the custom obtained of having well furnished lavatories near by, in which to prepare the outer man for reflection. In our great dining hall, why should the hundreds who enter three times daily be restricted to cold water only, two bowls and two towels. We wish to emphasize the cold water part of the complaint. There must be hot water in quantity on the premises, so why cannot some of it be turned into this channel of usefulness?

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