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EDITORS OF THE HARVARD HERALD: I have no doubt but that your readers have had a surfeit of Memorial, but there is one suggestion that I should like to make. It will probably seem to many decidedly unconservative, and many will perhaps frown upon it as nonsensical. What I propose is nothing less than that ale or beer be allowed at dinner. The arguments usually advanced against the introduction of this healthy drink at Memorial are perfectly ludicrous. It is silly to suppose that men would for an instant so far forget their self-respect as to drink to excess. The use of ale or beer is a time-honored and a cherished custom of English commons, where no one has ever thought of any evil being attendant upon it.

If the presence of ale were allowed at Memorial it would give that social attraction, that home-like, comfortable air to the hall that few men would resist. Instead of being a half-deserted, lonesome place, which makes a man feel "blue" the instant he enters it, it would become a true commons, where would resort the most of the men in college, to pass what would become the pleasantest hour of the day. I trust that you will give this communication a place in your columns, although I confess that it may seem very much of an innovation which I advocate. Yours,

H. M., '82.

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