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Delegates to the convention called for the purpose of forming an Inter-collegiate Press Association assembled in Hamilton Hall. Columbia College, at 10 A.M., December 27th. The convention was called to order by Mr. Bangs of Columbia, who stated briefly the object of the convention. Mr. Holmes of the Williams Athenaeum was then elected chairman pro tem., and Mr. Bridgman of the Amherst Student, secretary. After the reading of an interesting letter of counsel and encouragement from the Vassar Miscellany, the committee on credentials reported that there were present twenty-five delegates, representing thirteen papers and nine colleges. During the day other delegates arrived and the completed list included :

The Amherst Student, C. S. Adams, H. A. Bridgman, W. T. Field, A. D. Noyes and E. S. Parsons; The Brunonian, E. O. Silver, A. Barker; Acta Columbiana, J. K. Bangs, A. Anderson, J. W. Dowling, Jr.; Advocate, R. G. Butler; Crimson, F. W. Moulton, A. M. Butler; Herald, G. H. Heilbron; Princetonian, J. A. Hodge, Otto Crouse; Argonaut, C. D. Willard; Chronicle, L. S. Berry; University Magazine, F. E. Smiley, C. O. Beasley, L. M. Bullitt; Athenaeum. S. V. V. Holmes, G. A. Copeland; Argo, H. S. Underwood, Willis Reed; Cornell Review, H. L. Aldrich; University Quarterly, A. T. Sperry; the Vassar Miscellany was represented by proxy.

Nine of the papers represented had sent delegates empowered to act for their papers in every particular, and the delegates of these papers at the opening of the afternoon session ratified that portion of the constitution establishing the association and determining the officers and mode of election. After this action the convention extended to uninstructed delegates the right of discussion. The association then proceeded to the election of officers, which resulted in the choice of J. K. Bangs of the Acta Columbiana, as president, and the Harvard Herald as secretary and treasurer, which position, according to the terms of the constitution, was to be filled by a paper and not by an individual. A committee of three was then appointed to bring in nominations for vice-president. The committee presented the name of W. E. Parker of the Amherst Student, who was elected by acclamation. The convention then adjourned until 10 A.M. Thursday.

The morning session of Dec. 28th, was devoted to a discussion of the constitution as presented by Mr. Holmes. chairman of the constitutional committee. The constitution, as finally adopted and ratified by the Harvard Herald, Brunonian, Michigan Chronicle, Michigan Argonaut, Acta Columbiana, Amherst Student, University Magazine, Williams Argo and Williams Athenaeum, sets forth the object and aims of the association, and provides for the establishment of a corresponding secretary at each of the colleges represented. It also provides for an annual meeting of the association for the purpose of transacting business and discussing matters of general interest connected with college journalism. In addition to this informal discussion a few literary parts, to be prepared in advance, will be read.

A board of reference, composed of three members, is to receive all applications for admission to the association, and submit such applications with a recommendation to the members.

After the adoption of the constitution the convention assigned the following literary parts for the next meeting : The oration, Acta Columbiana; poem, Williams Argo; history of college journalism, Amherst Student; a paper upon some subject to be hereafter decided upon, Vassar Miscellany. The election of members of the board of reference resulted in the choice of the Acta Columbiana, Brunonian and Williams Athenaeum. It was then moved and carried unanimously that, in view of the interest shown by the Harvard Advocate and Crimson and the Princetonian in sending delegates to the convention, a special invitation to join the association be extended to these papers, and that to such other papers as the committee of reference should decide upon an official notification of the formation of the association should be sent.

The convention after listening to some interesting and instructive remarks from various gentlemen upon matters connected with college journalism, adjourned.

The next meeting of the association will be held at Cambridge, between Dec. 21st and Dec. 28th, 1883.

The proceedings of the convention closed with a dinner at which speeches were indulged in by representatives of the different papers, all of whom promised their hearty co-operation to advance the interests of the Inter collegiate Press Association.

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