There was a violent earthquake shock in Northern Ohio early Saturday morning.

The Inman steamer City of Brussels has been sunk off Liverpool, and ten persons on board were drowned.

State Treasurer Polk of Tennessee has been arrested in San Antonio, Mexico; his defalcations are now placed at $500,000.

In the Senate the bill relative to the exportation of tobacco, snuff and cigars in bond free of tax to adjacent foreign territories was passed.

A bill will be introduced in Congress this week to appropriate $1,500,000 for reimbursing private contributors to the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition.

The annual meeting of the Association of College Alumnae was held at the Hotel Vendome on Saturday. Reports were received and a board of officers elected for the ensuing year.

The story published yesterday of the discovery of the bodies of the crew belonging to the second cutter of the lost Arctic steamer Jeannette in the Gulf of Khatange, is pronounced preposterous by Mr. George Kennan of New York, an extensive Arctic traveller.

M. Gambetta was temporarily buried at Pere la Chaise cemetery, Paris, on Saturday. The funeral procession was one of the most imposing ever witnessed in France. It is estimated that 200,000 people followed the remains to the grave. The final interment will occur at Nice tomorrow.

An effort is being made to establish a fixed salary for the services of the clerk of the United States Supreme Court. The perquisites of this officer last year under the existing system amounted to $29,496.

In the House no conclusion was reached on the bill in relation to the admission of ship-building material free of duty. The fortification and pension bills were reported. The appropriations amount to $175,000 and $81,000,000 respectively.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 8, 1. A. M. For New England, colder, fair weather westerly winds, varying to northerly, higher pressure.