Ennis, '86 will not return to college.

The freshman class at Amherst numbers seventy.

The freshman class at Wellesley numbers about 120.

The entering students at Princeton number 170.

Physics I and IV will recite in Harvard 3.


"Quotations in the New Testament," by Prof. Toy, of Harvard is announced.

New volumes are announced for the fall by Phillips Brooks, John Freeman Clarke and Edward Everett Hale.

The practice of the first and second eleven is drawing out quite a large number of students to witness it.

An edition de luxe of the correspondence of Emerson and Carlyle edited by Prof. Norton is to be issued.

Arthur Gilman, secretary of the Harvard Annex has written a "History of the American People," which will soon be published.

A translation of Ploetz's "Epitome of History" by Mr. Tillinghast of the Harvard library will be issued next month.

The college of the city of New York has work shops in which blacksmithing, carpentry, and other crafts are taught.

Prof. Norton's lecture in Fine Arts III to-day is deemed particularly important, and a full attendance of members of the elective is requested.

The small size of the freshman class at Amherst is due, it is thought, to the recent faculty decision in regard to athletic sports.

Section I in sophomore rhetoric will recite October 4th. Sections II, III, and IV, October 5th. It is requested that pages 249 to 263 in Hill's Rhetoric be carefully read. Thirty five men have passed the examinations for admission to the freshman class, just finished.