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A permanent assignment of seats has been made at Memorial.

Tabular views for freshmen can be obtained at the office.

Meeting of the overseers today, 40 Water street, Boston, at 11 A. M.

Cornell is going to have a regular department in physical culture.

Meeting of the St. Paul's Society to night for the election of officers.

The extra order lists at Memorial will be out today.

Candidates for the university crew rowed yesterday afternoon for the first time.

The second preliminary contest for the Pierian Sodality will take place tomorrow evening.

Tilden, '86, is now trying for the university nine.

The class of 1642, which was the first class that graduated at Harvard, numbered five persons.

Philosophy 2 will recite in Sever 5 instead of Sever 6, as was announced in yesterday's issue.

The bicycle seems to be growing popular among the faculty. Professor Cook has long been a rider, but the latest conquerors of the wheel are Prof. J. W. White and Dr. James, the latter of whom rides a tricycle.

The faculty of Harvard are contemplating the plan of introducing the electric system into the examinations for entrance.-[Oberlin Review.

Out of 1,400 students in the Michigan University, not one was found competent to fill the position of English and Elocution in the Ann Arbor High School.-Princetonian.

It is a custom at Amherst for the students in leaving morning chapel to remain standing while the presedent and professors pass out, and then to follow in order of classes.

The Yale Banner will appear about the twentieth of this month.

The Yale courant now entertains readers with a children's departement.

Messrs. C. H. Minot, '86, and F. S. Parker, '86, have been appointed assistant treasurers of the university crew.

$23,000 have been subscribed at Yale for a Young Men's Christian Association building on the college grounds.

There are at present 799 members belonging to the Co-operative Society-the largest number it has ever had.

Cornell University has a class in extempore speaking conducted by one of the professors.

Professor Palmer leaves for Europe in January. Before that time he hopes to have published his translation of the Odyssey.

There will be a freshman lacrosse meeting at 38 Grays this evening at quarter past seven.

Owing to a mistake in the elective pamphlet, many men who have already taken Philosophy 1 are now in Philosophy 2. These men will probably be informed today of the faculty's decision about the matter.

Professor Norton has been compelled by the great number of students already in Fine Arts 3, to announce that no more men will be allowed to elect that course after the next lecture.

Mr. Bendelari, formerly instructor in modern languages at Harvard, but now at Yale, has been visiting Cambridge.

Robert Grant, famous as the author of Little-Tin-Gods-on-Wheels, Confessions of a Frivolous Girl, etc., is to have a novelette in the next Century, entitled An Average Man.

The exercises attending the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Harvard Medical School, and the dedication of its new building will take place on Wednesday, October 17. The programme for the occasion is as follows : Address by the President of the University. Oration by Emeritus Professor Oliver Wendell Holmes. Presentation of a portrait of Professor Holmes and a bust of Professor Henry J. Bigelow. Prayer by Rev. A. P. Peabody. D. D. Dedication of the new building. Boylston street, to the purposes of medical instruction. Reception of subscribers to the building fund, and invited guests by the medical faculty. Exhibition of the building.

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