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Scene at the Salvation Army.-Evangelist endeavoring to persuade Junior to "come up to the altar."

Junior.-"Are you a sinner?"

Evangelist.-"I am glad to say that I can stand up and confess that I am a sinner."

Junior.-"Well, my Bible says, 'My son, when sinners entice thee, consent thou not'''-[Targum.

If any one runs across an item of news or general interest, they will do ye local editor a favor by bringing it around, for he cannot be on hand when everything happens. [Round Table.

Our athletic interests are fortunate in securing a college man, Mr. Camp, as a coach and trainer for the football and baseball teams, and the track athletics for the ensuing year. Mr. Camp has long rendered invaluable assistance in coaching the eleven, and is equally competent in baseball; he has devoted the summer also to working up track athletics and will take Mr. Dole's place. As a college man, Mr. Camp has been and is thoroughly acquainted with all the college athletes, and is better able to manage these departments than any outside man could be. The influence which a Yale man thoroughly filled with Yale ideas, etc., can have over athletics is invaluable.-[News.

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