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Cut in N. H. 2, Saturday.

Dr. Pierce's Geometry 6 recites in Dane Hall.

The University eleven will go to a training table at Brewer's this morning.

Mr. Henry Irving and Miss Terry have arrived in New York.

The men in N. H. 14 have been assigned subjects for themes.

Professor Goodwin will begin the "Frogs" on Wednesday night in Sever 11, at 7.30.

Prof. McVane very kindly dismissed History 2, Saturday in time to attend the races.

The freshman French class has been divided into two sections, which now recite in Sever 23.

Ritchie, an English amateur, has lately run 100 yards in 9 4-5 and 120 in 11 4-5.

Mr. R. D. Sears will play tennis no more this season as be has again hurt his hip. He soon sails for Europe.

Mr. Parker has given his sections in Livy some subjects and suggestions for Latin poetry.

There is great need of more heat in the gymnasium basement. It is too cool for a heated person to dress in.

Copies of the Regulations can be had at the office. All students are held responsible for a knowledge of these regulations.

The gentlemen who kindly lent their jerseys to Mr. Mead, '87, after the accident on Saturday, can have the same by applying at 39 Brattle street.

The names of persons admitted to candidacy for the degree of A. M., Ph. D. and L. L. D. have been posted on the bulletin boards.

It is more than probable that a new baseball field and cinder-path will be laid on the "new made" lands in Boston next year. There is great need of a good track near Boston.

There is a rumor afloat that there is to enter the mile run at the freshman meeting a man who has previously made a record of 4:47.

The Lacrosse Association has ordered hats for the team from Collins and Fairbanks. They will be received in a few days, in time for the New York tournament.

The Registrar requests that all juniors, sophomores and freshmen should deposit at once in the Dean's box their petitions concerning attending church at home on Sundays.

The members of the Holmes Law Club chosen from the first year class are as follows: A. M. Goddard, T. C. Bachelder, F. L. Sawyer, H. W. Robinson, J. W. Houston, D. E. Smith, M. Morton, T. G. Lewis.

The Harvard Bicycle Club's hare and hounds run will take place on Monday afternoon at 3.30 P. M., unless the rain continues. If the storm lasts the run will take place as soon as the roads dry and the weather is settled.

Mr. Matthew Arnold will arrive today or tomorrow in New York. His first lecture will be in New York, on "Numbers." After giving this lecture he will come to Boston where he will deliver a lecture on "Emerson."

W. G. George beat W. Snook on Saturday, easily making the mile in 4:26 1-4. George failed to beat his record made last week of 4:19 3-5, the best on record for an amateur. The professional best on record is 4:16 1-5 made by Cummins.

The Harvard Bicycle Club will probably start on Saturday next, for New buryport. The club will spend the night there and return to Cambridge on Sunday. Distance 45 miles. All those wishing to join the club can do so either at 16 Weld, or 10 Grays.

Jones of the Athletics and of last years' Yale nine says "that if he is barred out because he played for money during the summer, Yale will see to it that nearly every club in the association will lose two or three of their best players on the same ground."

The Harvard Union meets in Sever 11 at 7.30 this evening to debate the question, Resolved, "That a prohibitory law like that of Maine is preferable to a license law like that of Massachusetts." The leading disputants will be Wilson, '84, and Merriam, '86, for the affirmative, and Prentiss, '84, and McDuffee, '84, for the negative. At the close of the meeting, any member of the university who wishes to join the Union will have an opportunity to do so.

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