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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON: - We hear much of the energy with which Yale men support their college teams in each and every branch of athletics; and contrasts, invidious to Harvard, tho' inexact are often drawn between this college and Yale. I have even heard it said that we take too little interest in our teams, that our athletic enthusiasm is not remarkable, that we are - oh! blackest crime, indifferent.

Those who remember the numbers that crowded the benches in Holmes Field during every base-ball game last year will see the incorrectness of the above accusation; nevertheless it seems to me our athletics might be improved. This it seems to me is how and why.

Our system now is to collect a small body of men to train, and educate them carefully for any given team, to dismiss the worse one by one, and at last retain only the necessary number of players. The fault in this method is that many come to college without that education in any branch of athletics which for all the teams - except the class crews - is necessary as a guarantee that they are worth educating. How many who are indifferent players when young, as they develop their bodies, develop also a talent in some branch of athletics. Others who have such talent innate have here no way of discovering their latent power or of educating it if discovered.

Now why should not the college hire some meadows or fields, or lots not built upon - there are many in the neighborhood - or offer cups for contests between building and building, say? That there is energy enough in the college for this is shown by the interest taken in the scrub games of base-ball last year. This year, during almost every foot-ball match, there was a small illicit game going on in some corner of the field.

If such energy were organized, all the teams would feel its stimulus. Hard exercise, especially out-of-door exercise, it is difficult to get here without paying for it more trouble than it is worth. And many doubtless would be glad of the chance to "do battle with their pens" fitting themselves for many things at once.


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