Mr. A. D. Claflin, '86, has given up bicycling for this year.

The freshman athletic meeting takes place today at 4 P. M. on Jarvis.

Prof. Goodwin will read the Frogs of Aristophanes tonight in Sever 11 at 7.30.

Several of the university team are still unable to play on account of injuries received.

A list of the scholarships which have been assigned to the members of the three upper classes has been posted in University.


The practise of the university foot-ball team will be interrupted today by the freshmen games. The eleven will be out at 3 P. M.

The Springfield Bicycle Club has not yet sent on the $500 Inter-collegiate cup, which Mr. Claflin, '86, won last September. When is it coming?

The compilation of the class day exercises of '83, containing the baccalaureate sermon, oration, poem, Ivy oration, ode and song, is about ready for distribution.


Mr. Jones will meet members of the freshman class who desire instruction in elocution Thursday, Oct. 25, at 1.45 P. M. in Holden.

Prof. Jowett, master of Balliol, Oxford, and translator of Plato's Dialogues has written to President Eliot urging that some arrangements be made in regard to American students coming to Oxford.

The sale of tickets to the Symphony concerts for officers takes place today at the Bursar's office, from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. Each officer of the university residing in Cambridge is entitled to two tickets. The sale of tickets to outsiders begins at Sever's at 9 A. M. on Tuesday next. Each purchaser will be limited to six tickets.

Richards expects to be able to kick again the first week of November. [Courant.

Prof. Bennett H. Nash of Harvard, with the assistance of his brother, Mr. F. P. Nash of Baltimore, has prepared and privately published a very readable monograph on the life and writings of the late Hon. George P. Marsh, who passed so many years in the United States diplomatic service, and who was also one of the wisest and clearest of American scholars in many departments of philosophy.

Professor Emerton of Harvard College proposes to give a course of four morning lectures at the Hawthorne Rooms-during next month, on Luther and the Protestant Reformation, provided a sufficient number of subscribers can be assured him before October 27. Prof. Emerton is one of the most accomplished scholars of his time in his department, and a very pleasant lecturer.

For a few days past some little comment has been passed by various papers on the sanitary condition of the buildings at Yale, owing to the recent deaths of persons connected with the college from typhoid fever. These seem to be reviving the general feeling of uneasiness which existed at the time of the Princeton scare. It does not seem possinle that any remediable cause of disease could be allowed to lurk in any of their college buildings.

The first junior forensic will be due tomorrow at 2 in Sever 3. Subjects as follows : 1. In your opinion, what is the effect of the great increase of college athletics upon the intellectual vigor of the students? Is it desirable that the university training of the present day should be of a more practical character? 3. Would England gain anything, politically, by the abolition of the monarchical form of government? 4. Was Julius Caesar actuated by criminal ambition in overthrowing the Roman Republic.

A game of foot-ball Monday between table 24 of Memorial and a picked eleven resulted in a tie, each side having made a touchdown. The elevens were composed as follows : Picked eleven-rushers, Newhall, Hazard, Bailey, Danielson, Bowen, Root, Goodable ; quarter-back, Holiday ; half-backs, Keith and Hanson ; full-back, Mitchell. Table 24-rushers, Boyden, Foster, Edgerly, Boyden, Colony, Barton, Gorham ; quarter-back, Graham ; half-backs Boyden, Haines ; full-back, Howard.