The Lampoon had its regular business meeting last night.

The "Country Club" has some races today at 3 P. M. on Clyde Park.

Prof. Von Holst sailed for Europe yesterday.

Lord Coleridge visited Yale College yesterday.

University handicap meeting today at 2.30.


There were eighty petitions granted at the last faculty meeting.

Rev. Phillips Brooks will conduct morning prayers during November.

The Columbia Athletic Association will hold its fall meeting today.

Oberlin has received a gift of $50,000 with which to found a musical observatory.

Grounds for polo practise have been secured in East Watertown by a number of Harvard students. [Transcript.

A little excitement was occasioned at luch yesterday at Memorial by a lady visitor's fainting in the gallery.

Fitzgerald, the "go as you please" man is now alderman of Long Island city. He has challenged Rowell.

The number of colleges and universities in the United States increases at the rate of 15 every year.

The lacrosse twelve are drawn against the Druids of Baltimore in the New York tournament today.

Prof. Libbey of Princeton has again offered a medal for the highest batting average made in the university nine in the coming season.