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H. A. A.


The entries for the athletic meeting this afternoon are as follows:

Running high jump.-D. C. Clark, '86; E. H. Rogers, '87; T. B. Scott, '87; C. H. Atkinson, '85.

120 yards hurdle.-S. Cary, '86; G. R. Agassiz, '84; J. D. Bradley, '86, J. B. Walker, '84; I. S. Meredith, '87.

Running broad jump.-P. S. Rust, '87; F. B. Fogg, '85; D. C. Clark, '86; H. F. Mandell, '84; C. M. Field, '84; W. Wetherbee, '87.

Entries 1 mile walk.-F. H. Darling, '84; C. E. Shattuck, '87,

Throwing hammer.-C. M. Field, '84; A. L. McRae, S. S.

100 yards dash.-F. S. Billings, '85; G. M. Ashe, '87; R. D. Foote, '86; W. Wetherbee, '87; E. H. Rogers, '87; J. G. Mumford, '85; G. Kemp, '84; F. S. Taylor, '85; J. D. Bradley, '86; Windsor, '85; S. Carey, '86; C. F. Brandt, '85; E. Norton, '85; F. W. White, '85; I. Louis, M. S.

220 yards dash.-F. S. Billings, '85; G. M. Ashe, '87; E. Norton, '85; G. Kemp, '84; W. H. Goodwin, '84; I. Louis, M. S.

One mile run.-E. E. Jack, '84; A. E. Strong, '85; J, B. Walker. '84; E. C. Webster, '87; C. F. Ayer, '87.

Putting the shot.-W. W. Mumford, '85; W. H. Goodwin, '84; W. P. Homans, '85; G. S. Weed, '85; McRae, S. S.

Quarter-mile run.-W. H. Goodwin, '84; G. M. Ashe, '87.

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