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A paragraph in a Western newspaper led to the incorrect statement that Gov. Hamilton, of Illinois, had expressed the opinion in a public address that the study of Greek and Latin is practically useless. The fact proves to be that he spoke only in condemnation of the compulsory study of Greek in our American colleges.

L. E. Meyrs ran four separate quarter miles in 3m. 31 4-5sec., beating the record, which was four minutes, by the English professional, C. Westhall. The first quarter was ran in 51 2-5 sec. thirteen minutes after he ran the second quarter in 55sec. ; fourteen minutes later he ran the third quarter in 52 3-5 sec. ; and after another rest of fourteen minutes he finished the fourth and last quarter in 52 4-5sec. ; doing the whole distance in 3min. 31 4-5sec. The time from first start to finish was 44min. 31 2-5sec., whereas, when Westhall made his record, the entire hour was con sumed.

Friends of Asbury University, Indiana, were able to raise only $120,000 under Mr. W. C. De Pauw's agreement to give $300,000 if they would raise $150,000, and so Mr. De Pauw agreed to give in the same proportion, or $2 for each $1 raised. Thus the college is to have a fund of $360,000, with which the new buildings are to be erected. Mr. De Pauw promises also to carry out the other provisions of his original intention, to bequeath 45 per cent, of his estate to the university, which in the future is to bear his name. Upon the present valuation this will add about $1,000,000 to the endowment fund.

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