The new chapel at Columbia will cost about $125,000.

The Yale foot ball team is being gradually recruited by old material.

Professor Emerson of Dartmouth sails for England the last of this month.

Princeton plays Yale in foot-ball on the Polo-grounds, Nov. 24th.

There was a cut in History 9 yesterday.


Charles Wyndham dined at Memorial one day last week.

The auditor's report has been posted. The price of board for the month of October is $4.16 per week.

Columbia has been elected to the Intercollegiate Lawn Tennis Association.

The drinking water used at Memorial is brought in barrels from a spring in the vicinity.

Prof. Alonzo Williams, of the chair of modern languages in Brown University is doing Europe on a bicycle.

The University of Athens has 1,400 students, sixty professors and a library of 150,000 volumes.

Corcoran of Chicago has been engaged as a coach by the Dartmouth base-ball nine.

There will be a half hour examination in Greek 7 next Tuesday on the first 130 sections of AEschines oration against Ctesiphon.

J. W. Dowling, Jr., captain of the Columbia foot-ball team, was hurt in practice last week and will be unable to play a game this season.

The six prizes given for literary excellence at Williams were awarded to students connected with the college papers.