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H. A. A.


The attention of all members of the University who are not members of the H. A. A. is called to the following clause of the constitution.

"No member of the University shall be allowed to witness any sports, unless he be a member of the Association."

The attention of all men who intend to compete at the last meetings of March 21st and 28th, is called to the rules concerning costumes, which are posted in the janitor's office at the gymnasium.

The remaining tickets for reserved seats at the Winter Meetings will be on sale at Bartlett's, and the Co-operative office.

Entries for next Saturday's meeting close to H. L. Clark, 28 Grays, at 10 P. M., this evening. All (so far as is known) of the men who intend to enter for the parallel bars have requested that the event be changed to the third meeting. If this is done, the rope climbing will be put in the second meeting. If no protest is received today by the secretary, the change will be made.

Attention is called to the rule forbidding men to enter any sport without having first been examined by Dr. Sargent. This rule will be strictly enforced.

The standing high jump has been substituted for the running broad, in the programme of the second meeting.

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