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The following changes have been made in the regulations :

14. Substitute the following for the latter part. The four annual aggregates of each member of the graduating class are reduced to a uniform standard and combined to form a final rank-list, called the General Scale.

25. Substitute the following. A student who has failed of promotion under the operation of the foregoing section may be admitted, at the end of any subsequent year, to the class in which but for such failure he would then have stood, if by performing additional work as provided in S10 he has reduced his deficiency to an amount less than two and a half courses; but no such additional work may be counted for this purpose without the previous approval of the Faculty.

29. Honors will hereafter be given in Modern Literature.

42. Substitute the following for the first two paragraphs. The College discipline is enforced by Admonition, Probation, Suspension, Dismission, and Expulsion. Whenever a student incurs any of these penalties notice is immediately given by the Dean to his father or guardian.

When a student has been put on probation, whether for a stated period or not, he can be restored to full standing only by a special vote of the Faculty. While on probation he is not permitted to compete for any prizes or honors offered by the College, nor will he be recommended for a degree. If, after a reasonable period of trial, his conduct is still unsatisfactory, his probation may be closed, and his connection with the College shall then cease.

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