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The eleven had an almost perfect day for their game with the Williams team Saturday, and about 1000 people gathered on Jarvis to see the game. Williams had fairly good sized men, but lacked the skill necessary for a strong game and proved no match for our team. Harvard kicked off at 2.55 with the sun and wind in their faces, but immediately forced the ball down the field until Bonsal secured a touchdown after a sharp run. The ball was punted out and Austin kicked the first goal for Harvard. Shortly after the kick-off, Hartley and Cabot by a succession of brilliant plays carried the ball over Williams line again, and Austin kicked a second goal. After this the ball was kicked about the field for a time, Haughton making several brilliant runs, when Cabot again secured the ball and scored a touchdown. The try-at-goal was a failure, but after a pretty run by one of the Williams men Codman carried the ball down the field and over the line. No goal was scored, and shortly after the kick-out Cabot made a brilliant run and got a touchdown, from which Austin kicked a third goal. In the second three-quarters Williams played a stronger game, but seemed rather disheartened by the large score that was piling up against them. The ball began to approach our territory, when Codman secured it and carried it almost the whole length of the field. Williams was forced to make a safety, but Cabot securing the ball after the kick-out carried it over Williams line, From this touchdown no goal was kicked, and during the loose play which followed, Williams made two more safety touchdowns. Harvard's play now was hardly up to the mark, our men seeming to lose interest on account of the one sided nature of the contest. However, Cabot had not yet finished the remarkably brilliant playing he had been showing through the game, and after a very long and remarkably fine run he placed the ball directly behind Williams' goal posts. The fourth goal was kicked by Austin from this touchdown. Shortly after play was resumed Cabot again forced his way through his opponents' lines and scored another touchdown, this being the sixth to be placed to his credit. The try-for-goal was successful, and Austin closed the score with the fifth goal for Harvard.

On the whole the play of our team was a great improvement over that shown in former games and our prospects seem decidedly brighter. The rush line is very strong and active, but there is need of more judgment and steadiness among the backs, if the rushers are to use their full strength. The passing was the best seen here this season, and would have proved equally effective against a much stronger team. But often, and especially in the second three-quarters when Williams made the safeties, our men missed many chances to score by slow and spiritless playing. In this point lies the secret of Yale's large scores, for her men, confident that rigid training will give them as much and probably more endurance than their opponents, do not neglect this advantage but continually force the fighting from the kick-off to the very close of the game.

Our men have a right to expect much advantage from their street training this year, and they must not fail to have it count in the score. Besides Cabot's effective play, Bonsal and Codman played brilliantly and steadily for Harvard, while Field did very good work for the visitors. Gilman was temporarily disabled at the beginning of the second half, and his place was taken by Crane. Several of the Williams players were forced to leave the field, but their injuries were only slight. The total number of points are 39 to O.

The contesting teams were as follows: Harvard-Forwards, Codman, Cabot, Harlley. Appleton, Bonsal, Haughton, Gilman; quarter-back, Kimball; half-backs, Biddle and Austin; back, Cowling.

Williams-Forwards, Phelps, Garfield, Person, Carse, Field, Williams and Jones; quarter back, Goodloe; halfbacks, Green and Wells; back, Taft. Referee, Mr. F. H. Clark, '84; umpire for Williams, Mr. Woodbridge; for Harvard, Mr. T. H. Cabot, '86.

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