Harvard, '87, vs. Yale, '87, today at 2 P. M. on Jarvis Field.

Prof. Lyon will conduct week-day morning prayers during December.

About sixty men only, have as yet subscribed to the reading room.

Fifty-one men signed for tickets to New York.

One of the boat-houses has been condemned.


The shooting club will soon have a glass ball match for prizes.

The Memorial Hall waiters have organized a foot-ball eleven.

Ninety-four students dined at Memorial on Thanksgiving day.

The recitations in Spanish 1 will be conducted hereafter entirely in Spanish.

Only one half the men and women attending American colleges are said to be professed Christians.

Lecture by Prof. Allen today at 11 A. M. in Sever 18 on the "History and Methods of Classical Study"

The Stevens Institute eleven defeated the University of Michigan team on Tuesday by a score of one goal to nothing.

The delay of an hour in the delivery of the HERALD-CRIMSON yesterday was owing to the breaking down of the press.

In reply to a correspondent we would state that the courses conducted by Minister Lowell while an instructor here were the ones corresponding to French 6, Italian 3, and Spanish 3.

Several men have already begun training for the winter meetings. All those who hope to make a good showing ought to commence training by the first of December, as the competition will be greater than ever.