DECEMBER, 1883.-NO. 97.

DECEMBER 2. SUNDAY.Appleton Chapel. Rev. James Freeman Clark, D. D., 7.30 P. M. "The sin which easily besets us; and the good which is ready to help us."

3. MONDAY.The methods by which members of the House of Commons are chosen. James Bryce, Esq., M. P. Sanders Theatre, 7.30 P. M.

4. TUESDAY.College Faculty. Meeting at University 5, 3.30 P. M.


German Readings. (With explanations in German.) For advanced students. Wieland's Oberon. Mr. Lutz. Sever 6, 7.30 P. M.

The relations which members of the House hold, and the functions which they discharge, towards their constituents and their party. James Bryce, Esq., M. P. Sanders Theatre, 7.30 P. M.

5. WEDNESDAY.Electricity and Magnetism. Prof. Lovering. Harvard 3, 11 A. M.

Latin Readings. The Love of Dido. Virgil's Aeneid, book IV. Mr. Charles Parker. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

6. THURSDAY.Orchestral Concert. Boston Symphony Orchestra. Sanders Theatre. 7.45 P. M.

7. FRIDAY.The Cuneiform Inscriptions and the Old Testament. Special subject: Genesis and the Monuments. Prof. Lyon. Upper Divinity Hall, 12 M.

German Readings. For beginners. (1) "Unverhofft kommt oft." (2) "Der Eine oder der Andere." (In Otto's Introductory German Reader, with notes by Joynes.) Mr. Lutz. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.