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All examinations begin at 10 A. M. Conditioned men examined in U. E. R. No recitations are to be held after 4 o'clock on Thursday afternoon, Dec. 13. The following is the order of the examinations:

LATIN-SATURDAY, DEC. 15.Mr. Parker's sections I. and V. in Mass. 1; section II. in U. E. R.

Mr. Preble's sections III. and IV. in Sever 37; Minimum in Sever 29.

PHYSICS-MONDAY, DEC. 17.Maximum section in U. E. R.

Minimum section-Abbot to Furber in Sever 37; Gardner to Rust in Mass. 1; Sampson to Zerega in Mass. 3.

FRENCH OR GERMAN-TUESDAY, DEC. 18French in Sever 35.

GERMAN.Mr. Lutz's section i. in Mass. 3; iv. and v. in Mass. 1.

Professor Bartlett's sections ii. and iii. in Sever 37.

Professor Cooke's section vi. in U. E. R.

MATHEMATICS-THURSDAY, DEC. 20Maximum section in U. E. R.

Mr. Lane's sections i. and ii. in Sever 37; section v. in Sever 35.

Dr. Peirce's sections iii. and iv. in Mass. 1; section vi. in Mass. 3.

GREEK-SATURDAY, DEC. 22Professor Croswell's sections I. and IV. in Mass. 1; III. in Mass. 3.

Professor Dyer's sections II. and V. in Sever 37; Minimum section in U. E. R.

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