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The students of Davidson "College," Charlotte, N. C., have if correctly reported, recently been indulging in some very curious freaks. We doubt if even Southern "chivalry" can explain these actions. The report reads: Students at Davidson College have of late been so riotous as to attract general attention. They take possession of Davidson College station as the trains stop, go through the cars singing ribald songs regardless of the presence of ladies, and parade the country round about so that women are afraid to be found abroad. This hostility seems to be especially directed against preachers, whom they compel to get off the walks and insult in every possible way. The Faculty seems to be unable to maintain order. Recently the Methodist Annual Conference was held in Statesville. One of the clergyman thus describes it : "On our way from Charlotte to States-ville, while the train waited at Davidson College station, there was a scene of rowdyism such as rarely has been my misfortune to witness. ON board were several ladies and grave ministers on their way to the Conference. A number of students came aboard, and took possession of the aisle of the car and some seats, and for ten or fifteen minutes showed themselves off in the most unenviable manner. Some of them were oddly dressed, and all seemed to vie with each other in bad behavior. They made frequent allusions to the Conference, called each other brother, and sang caricatures on Methodist songs at our revivals. I remember one of the stanzas or couplets :

I wouldn't be a Methodist,

I'll tell you the reason why,

They travel all over the country,

Aud eat up all the chicken pie.'

"They evidently intend to ridicule the ministry of the Methodist Church and show their contempt for it because there were ministers on board the train. One of them pointed to the rear of the car and said, 'there is the bar.' If these young men had been drunk, we would have supposed that they were on a drunken carousal and when they got sober they would be ashamed of their conduct, but as they appeared to be sober we supposed that it was a premeditated attempt to ridicule the ministers on board or their church."

Other clergymen on board give even worse descriptions of the scene, and the question has been raised whether continued support should be given the college, which seems unable to suppress the worst phases of French student life in which religion is mocked.

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