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Finished photographs of nearly all the senior class can now be seen at Pach's.

Williams is somewhat despondent as to her prospects in base-ball this coming season.

The list of daily arrivals at the New Haven House is an interesting feature of the Yale News.

A long needed plank walk has been laid from Grays to the entrance of the yard opposite the post office.

Cornell students have been ordered by the president of the college to be vaccinated. No exemption is allowed.

Two professors of Cornell have just published a large volume, of interest to members of N. H. 6, on the anatomy of the cat.

Yale's winter athletic games will probably take place on March 7th and 10th. The programme will be nearly the same as last year's.

Mr. Ezra Parmenter, ex-mayor of Cambridge, who did Wednesday evening, was a graduate of the Harvard Medical School.

A contributor to the Yale News says: "With the exception of one man we have none upon whom we can count to bear away a prize at Mott Haven."

Dr. Schliemann has received the consent of the Greek government to make excavations at the north-west of Athens, near the ancient academy, where he hopes to find the grave of Pericles.

Evidently Yale has no dearth of candidates for the base ball nine. The candidates have been divided into two squads because there is not room for them all to train in the morning.

The challenge from the University of Pennsylvania will not be acted upon until the Yale controversy has been settled. In all probability, with Yale and Columbia races on our hands we will be unable to meet the Philadelphia crew on the water this year.

There is trouble at the Naval Academy Annapolis. The cadet officers of the batallion of midshipmen have resigned, and none of the first and second classes will accept these positions. The third and fourth classes are either incompetent or afraid to accept them. Most of the first-class have been put on board the Santee under arrest. The trouble grew out of charges that a cadet officer had exposed the contents of examination papers.

Pach Bros.' photographic studio on Main street was entirely consumed by fire this morning.

A feature of interest in the scheme of the coming May festival of the Boston Handel and Haydn Society is a cantata for solo voices, chorus and orchestra by Prof. John K. Paine, the words of which are from Milton's ode, "On the morning of Christ's Nativity."

A bill has been introduced into the Connecticut legislature to compel the owners of all high houses to provide rope fire-escapes. If such a measure could be carried in Massachusetts there might be some prospect of the introduction of such fire escapes at Harvard by the authorities-under the tender persuasion of the police.

A number of the members of the sophomore class at Bowdoin have left town to await developments. At the morning prayers at the chapel, Sunday morning, there were present but eight members of the class, the rest voluntarily absenting themselves. They refuse to attend recitations or college exercises, having agreed to the same. President Chamberlain has arrived in Brunswick, and has the affair in consideration.

EASILY ANSWERED.The Crimson's promised article on "Yaleism" appeared in last Saturday's issue. A reply to it is quite superfluous for it condemns itself.-[News.

IS IT ROW OR ROW?Columbia is said to be opposed to entering the Inter-collegiate Rowing Association. Her row with Harvard is about all that she can attend to.-[New Haven Union.

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