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The next Curtis Hall German will be held Feb. 16.

Profs. Goodale and Farlow are compiling works on botany.

A course of lectures will be given in Divinity Chapel beginning Feb. 21.

The Boston papers speak favorably of the prospects of the Harvard nine.

Dr. Sargents' lecture on physical culture at the Y. M. C. A. rooms in Boston are very largely attended.

Only one Indian ever graduated at Harvard, his name was Caleb Cheeshateamuck, class of '65.

The new bicycle treack is said by experts to be one of the fastest in the country.

Baxter '83, will compete for the amateur U. S. championship in heavyweight boxing.

The Yale freshman nine has four candidates for pitcher, two for catcher, two for each of the bases and three for short-stop.

The Philadelphias have secured the services of W. M. Vinton of the Philips Andover Academy nine for next season.

John Fiske, recently of the Harvard Library, is repeating in Boston his course of lectures on the "American Revolution."

Mr. Wendell Philips who died Saturday was a graduate of Harvard class of '31, and of the Law School class of '34. He is said to have been the best scholar and best general athlete in college.

The Boston Herald is authority for the statement that "amateur umpires" will be the next phase that the antiprofessional crusade at Harvard will assume.

All nominations for overseers of the college to be elected next June must be made to the committee of the alumni, appointed for the purpose before next Wednesday.

At the recent inter-collegiate convention of the Y. M. C. A. at Amherst, the Harvard delegates reported a membership of 70 at the college with constant additions and frequent meetings.

All subscribers to the HERALD-CRIMSON who desire any corrections or changes made in regard to the delivery or mailing of their papers, will please communicate with A. A. Waterman. Any complaints in regard to delivery or mailing in the future should also be addressed to him.

The complete works of Edmund Spenser in prose and verse, 100 copies, printed for private circulation only, with a new life based on original researches, has recently been printed in England. Its chief editors are announced to be Rev. A. B. Grosart, F. T. Palgrave, Prof. Ward and Prof, Child of Harvard University.

Communications to the HERALD-CRIMSON will be collected from the Cooperative order box in the entrance to Dane Hall every day at noon, and at half-past six o'clock, P. M. Notices not in before six o'clock and designed for publication in the next day's issue, should be left in the box at Brock and Leavitt's cigar store, under W. Hilton Block, Main street.

The Co-operative Society will not continue to issue a bulletin. Arrangements have been made whereby it will occupy a regular space in the HERALD-CRIMSON for making announcements of interest and use to members. Members are expected to depend on these notices for all general information concerning the business of the society.

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