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The meeting was called to order Saturday, at 3 P. M., at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, by W. C. Osborne of Princeton, president. The roll - call showed the following named representatives: Amherst, F. D. Warren, '83; College of the City of New York, P. J. Mosenthal, '83, L. F. Mott, '83; Columbia, H. T. Satterlee, '83, J. M. Wainwright, '84; Harvard, G. E. Lowell, '83, T. J. Coolidge, '84; Lafayette, G. W. Swinburne, '83, J. B. Baker, '84; Lehigh, F. W. Dalrymple, '83; Princeton, O. Harriman, '83; R. K. Prentiss, '84; Rutgers, H. M. Peters, '83; Trinity, F. Roosevelt, '83; S. I. Miller, '85; University of Pennsylvania, C. Jones, '84, L. M. Bullitt, '85; Yale, G. E. Symington, '83, A. C. Thompson, '85.

The secretary's report of the previous meeting was read and accepted. In accordance with a rule passed at that meeting Bowdoin, Hamilton, Union and Wesleyan were dropped from the association because they had sent no contestants in three consecutive years to the field meeting of the association. The treasurer's report was then read and accepted. It showed a balance of about $105 in the treasury. The report of the executive committee was then read by Mr. Brierton of Columbia. The expenses of the association were so great that the committee had been unable to purchase the stand of colors which was voted to the college winning the cup.

The following amendments to the constitution were advised by the executive committee, and subsequently adopted by the convention: 1, That the expenses of the secretary, treasurer and executive committee be paid by the association. 2, Any contestant who enters his name for more than three events in the field meeting shall pay one dollar for each extra event. 3, The executive committee shall choose a chief marshal by April 1, who shall take charge of all the police regulations and shall appoint under-marshals, subject to the approval of the executive committee. 4, The tug-of-war teams shall be weighed on the day of the field meeting in the presence of one member of the executive committee. 5, If any member of the executive committee is prevented from performing his duties his college shall appoint a substitute.

It was then decided that the field meeting be held on Saturday, May 26th, at the New York Polo Grounds if satisfactory arrangements can be made with the management of those grounds, otherwise the meeting will be held at Mott Haven. The list of events on last year's programme was then read, and unless objection was made to any event it stood as last year. The following is the list: 100 yards dash, 220 yards, 440 yards, 880 yards, 1 mile run, 1 mile walk, 120 yards hurdles, running high jump, running broad jump, pole vault, shot, hammer, 2 mile bicycle race, tug-of-war. Harvard moved that the tug-of-war be removed from the programme; (1) because it is a great expense for colleges at a distance to send such a team; (2) it is almost impossible to decide it fairly in one day; (3) it is hardly a standard athletic event. After considerable discussion the motion was lost, 7 to 4; Amherst, Harvard, Trinity and Yale voting in favor of the motion. Princeton proposed the insertion of a one-fifth mile hurdle race; but the motion was lost, she alone voting in favor.

Hobart College made application for admission to the association, and the application was granted. A motion was made and carried, "That any matriculated student trying for a degree be allowed to compete in the field meeting."

It was then moved and carried that application be made to the National Amateur Athletic Association for proper representation; also that association be requested to hold their games in the spring as soon after the I. C. A. A. games as possible, and that the I. C. A. A. assure the National Association of their support in that case.

The election of officers for the ensuing year then took place, resulting as follows; President, G. E. Lowell, Harvard; vice-president, J. B. Baker, Lafayette; secretary, B. W. McIntosh, Princeton; treasurer, D. B. Birney, University of Pennsylvania; executive committee, the president ex officio, chairman; A. C. Thompson, Yale; J. M. Wainwright, Columbia. The meeting then adjourned. The room in which the meeting was held was kindly given to the I. C. A. A. by the management of the Fifth Avenue Hotel free of charge.

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