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The long mooted question in regard to fire escapes is at last to be definitely settled. On Holyoke House and College House alone will improvements be made as regards permanent fire escapes. Two of the ladders on Holyoke will be extended up to the roof, and on College House will be placed two new iron ladder fire escapes. These escapes will be at each end of the long entry, and will reach several feet above the upper story. This latter extension is made in order that students in the upper story of the centre hall, which is one story higher than the ells, after crossing the roof of the ell can easily descend the ladders. At the head of the third story an iron balcony will be placed.

In all the other buildings staples will be fastened at the window of each room, to which ropes or rope ladders can be attached. The college is not to furnish students with these ropes, but each one, if he desires an escape of this kind, must provide himself with it at his own expense. The superintendent of the yard is examining the various patents, and will advise any student as to the best one for practical use.

The State inspector of fire has expressed himself perfectly satisfied with this arrangement, and says that nothing more is necessary. It may be interesting to know that the inspector considers Holyoke the safest of all the college buildings, on account of its extra iron staircase. An exhibition of the workings of a patent rope fire-escape will be given at 4.15 P.M. today on Thayer, and the students are requested to be present if possible. If any are willing to practice placing and running up the extension fire ladders at that time, the superintendent of the yard will have the ladders brought out. It requires about a half a dozen men to manage these ladders, and if that number inform Mr. Knapp of their willingness to assist, then the practice can be carried out.

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