Rev. E. E. Hale preaches in Appleton Chapel next Sunday evening on the "Choice of a Profession."

The lectures in Greek 11 which were delivered Feb. 12 and 19 will be illustrated with the stereopticon Wednesday, Feb. 28.

A. Tonks, '83, a former pupil of Prof. Ko-Kun-Hua, has received an appointment as an attache to the American legation in Japan.

Through a mistake of the printer an advertisement appeared in our column of items yesterday, for which we owe an apology to our readers.


"The Science of Politics," by Sheldon Amos, professor of jurisprudence in University College, London, and author of "The Science of Law," has just appeared.

The new Co-operative tickets differ from the old ones in requiring the signature of the member. The list of affiliated tradesmen is no longer printed on the back.


Dr. D. A. Sargent will lecture this evening before the Boston Y. M. C. Union on "Training: What to do and What to Avoid; the Effects of Tobacco and Alcohol."

Dr. Snow in his lecture in History 12 yesterday, pointed out the errors and instances of fallacious reasoning in the pamphlet on protection recently sent around to the students.

The senior class of Yale College visited the Willimantic mills Tuesday. The News felt called on to give a three-quarter column lecture to them Tuesday morning, in regard to the way in which they ought to behave.

Affiliated tradesmen of the Co-operative Society are expected to keep a book in which each member when claiming the benefit of the membership in the society will be required to sign his name. The signature must correspond with the one on the member's ticket.

The following have been elected officers of the St. Paul's Society: President, W. Amory Gardner, '84; vice-president, J. Hayes Gardiner, '85; secretary, H. B. Coxe, '85; treasurer, Malcolm Storer, '85; chorister, Crosby C. Whitman, '86; librarian, Edward C. Hamlin '86. The services of this society are held daily at 5.45 P. M., except on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesdays the hour of service has been changed from 7 to 7.30 P. M.

Apropos of fire escapes we would remind the inhabitants of Thayer that it is possible in some of the entries to descend by the aid of the stone cornices of the windows. We would not, however advise students to practice this means of escape without previous practice in the gymnasium.

The religious census of Amherst College, just taken by Dr. Hitchcock, shows a total church membership of 230 students in the following ratio: Seniors, 70 per cent.; juniors, 70; sophomores, 63; freshmen, 55; average, 65. The denominations most largely represented are: Congregational, 158; Presbyterian, 30; Episcopalian and Methodist, seven each, the remainder being divided among the Baptist, Lutheran, Dutch Reformed, Catholic and others.

The American Institute of Mining Engineers has been holding its annual session at the Institute of Technology in Boston. Yesterday a party of about 200 gentlemen and ladies visited the college, inspecting the library and gymnasium and lunching at 2 P. M. at Memorial Hall. At 3.30 the party adjourned to Boylston where they examined the mineralogical cabinet, and at 4 assembled in 9 Boylston, where a paper on the "Relative Strength of American Woods" was read by Prof. Sharples, and an experiment was performed by Prof. J. P. Cooke with the aid of magic lantern and electric light, showing the critical point of carbonic acid.