The grand jury in the case of the Newhall House fire have indicted the lessee of the bar room, Schiller, and he has been committed in default of $10,000 bail.

It is reported that the Anarchist documents seized at Brussels show that a plot has been organized to murder the Czar of Russia on the occasion of his coronation in May.

Salmi Morse will read the manuscript of the "Passion Play" in the Court of Special Sessions in New York today, when the examination of the charge against him will be begun.

A dispatch from Hanover, N. H., says: The suspended sophomores still refuse to tell the faculty where they were on the night of the 17th. The faculty remain firm. Early on Sunday morning the village was aroused by a tremendous explosion. Some hurried to the bank, but found everything right there. An explanation was furnished when daylight came. A large cannon which the students had drawn from West Lebanon, a distance of four miles, during the night, was standing near Reed Hall. On Sunday evening it was taken home by the authorities, but before morning found its way here again and on to the chapel stage. What the final disposition of this flying artillery will be is unknown.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Feb. 27, 1883, 1 A. M. For New England, fair weather, northwest winds, stationary or slight fall in temperature, higher barometer.