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Notre Dame University is lighted by electricity.

"Philadelphia is not a Yale city," remarks the Courant plaintively.

The freshman class at Yale have subcribed over $1700 to the University Boat Club.

Ask a woman a question which can be answered by "yes" or "no," and she consumes fifteen minutes with her reply. [Vassar Mis.

Between 1750 and 1850 the number at Cambridge University has almost doubled, while Oxford showed a comparatively small increase.

Mr. Henry Watterson, of the Courier-Journal, will deliver the annual oration before the literary societies of the Vanderbilt University in June next.

Prof. McMaster of Princeton College has in press a history of the United States. It is a continuance of Bancroft's history. There will be five volumes in the edition.

The salaries of all German university professors-about 725-amounts to less than $750,000 a year. And yet the most eminent scholars of Germany are willing to serve as university professors.

The literary societies of the University of Kansas at Lawrence have united in inviting Col. Ingersoll to address them at their coming commencement. The Kansas City Journal says some feeling has been aroused by this.

J. R. Buchtel of Akron, O., has just given $100,000 to the college which bears his name, making $300,000 in all, and promises to bestow a large slice of his remaining $2,000,000 upon it by will. His sister, Mrs. Messenger, has given the college $56,000, and will also give more by will.

Unconscious Repartee.-Uncle Dick (an eminent R. A.)-"Well, Johnny, and what are you going to be?" Johnny-"I shall be a judge, like papa." Uncle Dick-"Ah! but you haven't brains enough, my boy," Johnny-"Oh, then I'll be an artist like you."-[London Punch.

More fun from the classics: Not long since the members of the New York Medical Club were summoned to attend a regular meeting at Dr. Paine's in the following classic style: "Sciens, Socialite, Sobriete." -Doctores! Ducum nex mundi nitu Panes; triticum at ait. Expecto meta fumen tu te and eta beta pi. Super attento uno Dux hamor clam pati, sum parates, homine, ices, jam, etc. Sideror Hoc.

"Festo resonan floas sole."[Churchman.QUESTIONS OF THE DAY.Will the Intercoll. B. B. Association consist of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Brown, or, as formerly, of these colleges and Amherst and Dartmouth? Will Harvard and Yale ever arrange the New London race? Will Princeton have an eight? Will Harvard have a four. [Princetonian.

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