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The following is the full text of the last letter sent by the executive committee of the boat club to Yale. It fully defines the position of Harvard's committee in the matter:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 1, 1883.

H. T. SHELTON, JR., SECRETARY Y. U. B. C.: Dear Sir - Your letter of January 27 is received. As we have already signified to each other in writing (Y. U. B. C. letter of January 22, and H. U. B. C. letter of January 25) our resolution to abide by the decision of our joint committee, no other guarantee is necessary, and we decline to sign any further agreement. We cannot consent to the appointment of a neutral committee, as it implies a lack of confidence in our respective committees and in their ability to settle questions which in former years the crew considered themselves competent to decide. We are of the opinion that your graduate committee having full power, the joint committee is competent to bring the whole matter to a satisfactory conclusion under any contingency. We are anxious to meet your crew the coming summer, but decline to accept your challenge until all the preliminaries for the race shall have been decided by our joint committee. Your reply will necessarily terminate this correspondence. If you agree to our views, the graduate committees with full powers can take charge of the whole matter. Other-wise the challenge will be declined.

Yours truly,WALTER C. BAYLIES,Secretary H. U. B. C.A meeting of the Yale Boat Club, to adopt a reply to the above, will be held the latter part of this week.

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