The Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776.

There will be no lecture in History 12 today.

There was a cut in Freshman Maximum Greek yesterday.

Hartley, '86, has been rowing on the ' Varsity of late.

The freshman examinations will begin in about two weeks.


There were no lectures in real property yesterday in the Law School.

The Graphic says that the March lion is growing fat on spring lamb.

The prospects of '83's tug-of-war team are said to be improving.

The cricket team has begun regular practice in the gymnasium cage.

Prof. Dyer has concluded his course of classical lectures to the freshmen.

There will be a debate at the rooms of the Institute of 1770 tonight at 7.30.

It is reported that Matthew Arnold will lecture in this country next season.

Lilienthal, '83, will probably be unable to pull on the tug-of-war team next Saturday.

Sophomore Theme 4 will be returned to section 1 of Division A today and to Division B.

Rev. E. E. Hale will soon probably make a journey to New Mexico and the Pacific coast.