Division A. - Theme IV. will be returned to section 2 (C. F. Gilman to Winlock) today, as follows: Sub-section 1, C. F. Gilman to Hartshorn, at 2 P. M.; sub-section 2, Hazard to E. Howard, at 2.30; sub-section 3, Hoyt to Lenox, at 3; sub-section 4, Lent to R. Petersen, at 3.30, sub-section 5, Puffer to Winlock, at 4.

Division B. - Theme IV. will be returned with criticisms to section 2 (Onativia to Young) today, as follows: Onativia to Seavy, at 2 P. M.; Shephard to Sutton, at 2.30; Swinscoe to Tylor, at 3; Wadsworth to Whiteside, at 3.30; Whitney to Young, at 4.

Those who have a conflict at any of these hours may come from 4.30 to 5.30.