Algebra - Tutoring by T. C. Bachelder, 16 Hollis.

A club table of gentlemen can be accommodated at Mrs. Clark's, 404 Harvard street.

One club table of 12 or 13 can be accommodated at 5 Linden street, front room. Mrs. Mooney.

For sale - A sloop yacht, five years old. Roomy cabin, good cruiser, all appurtenances. For price and furthur particulars apply to W. E. Haskell, 32 Holyoke.

Any young gentleman desiring to join another for an extended European tour at a moderate expense should address C. J. Hartwell, 925 Clinton street, Philadelphia, Pa.

For sale. A working boat; weight, 42 pounds, almost new; has only been used four or five times; may be seen at boat house. Price $50; original cost $90. For further particulars apply to W. P. Lyman, 101 Brattle street, Cambridge.