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Our team defeated Princeton on Jarvis last Saturday after an interesting and well-contested game. The Harvard team was composed as follows: J. H. B. Easton, '83, goal; C. J. Rueter, '84, point; J. E. Davis, '83, cover-point and captain; W. B. Noble, '84, J. K. Simpson, D. S., and W. N. Roundy, '86, defence fielders; H. M. Williams, '85, centre field; C. C. Nichols, '83, and J. A. Machado, attack field; J. Marquand, '85, right home; E. J. K. Noyes, '85, left home; E. F. Woods, '85, centre home. For Princeton: S. Egbert, '84, defended goal; J. A. Hodge, '83, captain, played point; G. W. Gilmore, '83, cover-point; C. Hewitt, '83, H. W. Hall, '83, and E. P. Rudd, '83, defence field; W. Blakemore, '86, centrefield; R. Hodge, '83, J. S. Poe, '84, and R. McKnight, '83, attack; L. Riggs, '83, and P. L. Rieman, '83, were the homes. Mr. McDonald of the Unions acted as umpire.

At 3.15 game was called, Harvard attacked the western goal. After eight minutes of sharp play, in which the ball was frequently thrown to either end of the field, Marquand secured a goal by a short underhand throw from the right. Soon after play was resumed, Noble made a fine running catch of a high fly, and made a good throw to home, but the ball was soon thrown back by Hodge. After an exciting scrimmage four feet from Harvard's goal posts, Easton threw the ball to Marquand, who caught it and passed it to Nichols. The latter then dodged an opponent, and threw a goal in fine form from a distance of some forty feet. Time, eight minutes. In the next game Simpson ran and dodged finely, and Noble did some good checking. Hall and Gilmore played well for Princeton.

Finally the ball was secured behind Princeton's goal by Marquand, who threw a high drop in front of goal. As the ball fell each Princeton man playing near the goal checked an opponents crosse, but on rebounding, the ball was sent through the goal by Woods. Time, 11 minutes. Although some fine playing was done, no goals were made after this, and at the end of an hour's total play, Harvard was declared the winner by a score of three goals to none. For Harvard, Simpson, Marquand, Davis, Noble, Woods and Nichols played well, while Easton defended the goal creditably, stopping several swift throws. Hodge, Gilmore, Hall and Hewitt, all defence men, did good work for Princeton. Our team played probably as well as it ever has played, and certainly showed remarkable improvement over their play in New York a week before. The team was greatly strengthened, to be sure, by the addition of Machado and Simpson, but the improvement lay in the steady, systematic play, that nearly every man showed. In running and in long throwing Princeton excelled our team, but in every other point she was clearly out-played.

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