The following agreement for a series of championship games between Yale and Harvard was concluded last Saturday:

It is hereby mutually agreed by the Harvard University Base-Ball Club and the Yale University Base-Ball Club to play five (5) match games between the nines of the aforesaid universities. The five games to be played between the dates of May 12 and July 5, and as follows: Two games to be played in Cambridge and two games to be played in New Haven, and the fifth game to be played in New York June 30.

1. In case of postponement of either or both of the first two games, Article VI., Section 2, of the American College Association constitution shall rule.

2. In case of postponement on account of rain of either of the last (second) two scheduled games, the visiting club shall furnish two dates to the home nine, falling before July 4, 1883.

3. In case of postponement of the fifth game, the sixth scheduled game shall count as the fifth.


In case either nine fails to appear on the grounds on the day and hour named and agreed upon, unless the game has been postponed by mutual consent, the nine so failing to appear shall forfeit the game by a score of nine to nothing. This applies to the sixth game as well as to the others

C. H. YATES, for Yale.T. J. COOLIDGE, JR.,For Harvard.