The Yale nine is now composed as follows : Catcher, Hubbard, '83, S. S. S., captain; pitcher, Jones, '84; first, Childs, '83; second, Terry, '85; third, Hopkins, '84; short, Griggs, '83; left field, Slocum, '83; centre field and change catcher, Souther, '84; right field, McKee, '84.

The several players have the following records : Hubbard, captain and catcher, caught on his freshman nine, played his position on the University, and was this year elected captain. He is batting much better this year than last, while his catching has been very fine.

Jones has been pitching for three seasons - on his freshman nine, the consolidated, and this year on the University. A sprained ankle has somewhat interfered with his practice, but he is now able to play.

Childs, first base, joined his class in the sophomore year; and has had only one year's experience on the consolidated, where he played first. His playing is uniformly good, but he has not yet made a reputation for brilliant plays.

Terry also has had but one year's experience, having played first on his freshman nine last year. His usual play is strong, but he is sometimes unsteady. In the Amherst game he was struck on the hand while batting, and was unable to play in the game with the Alaskas last Wednesday.


Hopkins played short stop on his freshman nine, and left field on the University last year. He began this season in the field, changed to first, and is now playing at third. He has acquitted himself well in all these positions, and is the strongest batter on the nine.

Griggs played his position on the '82 class nine, and was captain of the consolidated.

The place left vacant by Wilcox in right field is filled by McKee, a good batter and sure fielder. He played on the '83 freshman nine and two years on the consolidated.

Souther, centre field and change catcher, entered college last year. He is an excellent catcher and strong at the bat.

Slocum, left field, played third on his freshman nine, and for two years on the consolidated. He played third at the end of last season, and began this year in the same position.

Booth, '84, change pitcher, pitched on his freshman nine, and was change pitcher on the University last year. He would be no weak substitute for Jones.

This year's nine is as a whole lighter than the nine of last year. They play a much stronger fielding game than was played last year, while the batting, although not so heavy, is more even. The victory over Amherst, which we had considered one of the strongest nines in the league, has led to a feeling of greater confidence as to our chances for the championship, which is not diminished by the result of Saturday's game.