Curtis of the University is coaching the senior crew.

The lecture in Torts was omitted yesterday at the Law School.

Important meeting of the '83 Pi Eta tomorrow evening at 7.15.

The Williams nine is trying to arrange a game with Harvard.

Prof. Palmer reads the 11th book of the Odyssey in Sever 11, at 7.30 this evening.


Mr. Sibley, librarian emeritus, is still very ill, and little hope is entertained of his recovery.

Williams is to have $2500 for the purchase and improvement of new athletic grounds.

It is probable that Raht, Schofield, Chase and Swartout will constitute the Cornell crew.

The Harvard Lacrosse team plays the team from New York University in New York, next Saturday.

The seniors rowed over the regular course yesterday morning, but did not make particularly good time.

The annual spring concert of the Pierian Sodality and Glee Club will probably be given on May 15.

Over one hundred of those instructed at Johns Hopkins University during the six years of its foundation, have become professors in colleges and academies.

The race between the University crew and Union eight on the day of the class races, Thursday, May 10, will be rowed in barges through the courtesy of the Union eight.

The spring tennis tournament will begin Monday, May 14. Prizes of rackets will be given, and the winners of last fall's annual championship tournament are to be barred.

Ward of the New Yorkers, one of the best players of the league, expects to enter Harvard next year. He is a graduate of a small college, and only plays ball to obtain money for pursuing his studies.