Princeton, 13; Harvard, 4.

The nine played an exhibition game with Princeton on Saturday, and were defeated by the above score. Harvard lacked the services of Allen, Nichols, Smith and LeMoyne, and consequently presented a crippled team. Edward and Shaw formed the "battery" for Princeton, White and Crocker for Harvard. Wadleigh struck out for the first time this year. Beaman and Lovering led in batting, Beaman making three hits and Lovering two, with a total of four. The game was characterized by loose fielding on the part of both nines, while the batting was heavy. Baker did the best fielding for Harvard on first base, making fourteen put-outs without an error. The following composed the nines.

Harvard - White, p.; Crocker, c.; Baker, 1b.; Coolidge, 2b.; Beaman, 3b.; Lovering, s.s.; Keep, l.f.; Fuller, c.f.; Hamlin, r.f.

Princeton - Edwards, p.; Shaw, c.; John Harlan, 1b.; Antrim, 2b.; James Harlan, 3b.; Wilson. s.s.; Clark, l.f.; Wadleigh, c.f.; Moffatt, r.f.

Innings. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Princeton. 3 0 0 0 5 3 0 2 0-13

Harvard. 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2-4

Errors - Princeton, 7; Harvard, 11. Base hits - Princeton, 10; Harvard. 9. Total base hits - Princeton, 14; Harvard, 11.