Badger has been elected captain of the Beacons.

Mr. James Robinson attended the games on Saturday.

The freshman crew have appeared in straw bats with their class colors.

The custom of taking soda on the Holworthy steps is becoming quite popular.

The nine play a championship game with Brown on Wednesday at Providence.


James Harlan and Wilson struck out for the first time this year in the game last Friday.

Dartmouth beat Amherst ten to six on Saturday at Amherst. Amherst played with a change battery.

Winslow. '85, will be unable to pitch again this year, on account of another severe attack of rheumatism.

Princeton, as was expected, easily defeated Yale at lacrosse by a score of three goals to nothing, on Saturday.

The freshman twelve in lacrosse play the second twelve of the Unions on the Boston ball grounds at 6 o'clock tonight.

The final examination in English 5 will count sixteen per cent. in he year's mark, each previous theme counting six per cent.

The Yale nine defeated the Brown nine Saturday by a score of 6 to 4. The Brown nine made their four runs in the ninth inning.

The batting average of the Princeton nine previous to the two Harvard-Princeton games was the highest of any of the college nines.

In the games at Yale, on Saturday, Brooks beat the inter-collegiate record in the quarter-mile run, his time being 50 2-5 seconds.