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A strong wind which blew steadily across Jarvis was all that marred the otherwise perfect weather on Saturday. The records, which were influenced more or less by the wind, were, however, fully up to the usual standard and give us excellent reasons for expecting Harvard to make a good showing at the Polo Grounds on Saturday next.

MILE WALK.The first event was the mile walk. Each class entered a competitor in this event, Mr. S. Coolidge representing '83, Mr. F. H. Darling '84, Mr. F. B. Fogg '85 and Mr. C. A. Brown '86. The best college record in this event, which has not been broken since 1877, is 7 minutes 4 4-5 seconds. Mr. Brown did not appear. Darling sprung to the lead at once, walking in excellent form. Fogg dropped behind at the end of the second lap. At the middle of the fourth lap, Coolidge passed Darling and kept the lead to the end, finishing in 8 minutes 3 1/2 seconds, with Darling 17 seconds behind.

THROWING THE HAMMER.Considerable interest was manifested in the result of the throwing the hammer, as Mr. Kip, who has won this event for several years past at Harvard and whose record, 84 feet, is the best Harvard record, had broken the college record of 87 feet 11 inches, in practice. The other entries for this event were L. A. Biddle, '84, J. J. Roberts, '86 and A. L. McRae, S. S. Kip won the event with a throw of 86 ft. 11 in., one foot below the best college record, beating the Harvard record by 2 ft. 11 in McRae was second, with 82 ft. 8 in.

ONE HUNDRED-YARDS DASH.A. S. Johnson and F. S. Billings, '83, and W. Baker and W. A. Stebbins, '86, entered for the hundred-yards dash. All the contestants had made good records and a close race was expected. Baker made a poor start, allowing the other men to forge ahead and Stebbins to win by a very pretty run in 10 3/8 sec., with Johnson second. Baker was pocketed by the men on the right, and was kept from breaking through from fear of being spiked.

RUNNING HIGH JUMP.In running high jump Soren and Atkinson appeared. The bar was started at 56 in. Soren won, jumping 67 in. Atkinson jumped in excellent form and will undoubtedly go to the polo grounds.

HURDLES.Mr. Mitchell, '83, who was expected to run in the hurdles, having injured his knee, the only contestants were J. D. Bradley, '86, and G. R. Agassiz, '84. Mr. Bradley took the lead at once and won in 19 1-5 sec.

HALF MILE RUN.The only entries for the half mile run were W. H. Goodwin, Jr., '84, and J. H. Gardiner, '85. Mr. Goodwin has the best college record, 2 min. 2 2-5 sec., in this event and an amateur record of 1 min. 56 7/8 sec. The audience therefore had a right to expect very good time to be made in the event. Goodwin at once took the lead, running in beautiful form, and won easily in 2 min. 4-5 sec., beating the best college record by 1 3-5 sec. Considering the strong wind, the performance was a wonderful one.

RUNNING BROAD JUMP.The running broad jump had four entries. F. B. Fogg, '85, and W. Soren, '83, appeared. Mr. Soren won with a jump of 19 ft. 2 in.

TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-YARDS DASH.A. S. Johnson, '85, and W. Baker and W. A. Stebbins, '86, were the entries for the 220-yards dash. Baker led from the first, with Stebbins and Johnson close behind, winning in 24 1-5 sec. All the contestants ran in excellent form.

MILE RUN.In the mile-run, G. B. Morison, '83, J. B. Walker, '84 and T. H. Root, '85, were entered. Morison at once took the lead and the inside of the track, followed in order by Walker and Root. At the beginning of the fourth lap Root passed Walker. In the fifth lap Morison increased his pace evidently hoping to lower his record, finishing in 4 min. 41 sec., with Walker, who had passed Root in the last half of the last lap, 15 4-5 sec. behind. Considering the strong wind, Mr. Morison's run was better than any of his previous performances.

PUTTING THE SHOTWas won by C. H. Kip, '83, with a record of 35 ft. 11 in., with L. A. Biddle, '84, second, with a record of 33 ft. 8 in.

THE POLE VAULTWas won by Mr. C. M. Field, '84, who jumped 7 ft. 7 in.

QUARTER MILE RUN.W. Baker and W. A. Stebbins, '86, and F. W. White, '85, entered for the quarter mile. Mr. Baker at once took the lead, followed closely by White and Stebbins. In the middle of the first lap, Stebbins passed White, who, however, recovered himself and came second, Baker winning easily in 55 1-5 sec.

TUG-OF-WAR.Two teams were entered. The first team was composed of G. C. Adams, '86, A. R. Crane, '84, W. H. Page '83, and G. Kemp, '84, (anchor); and the second team of W. R. Dewey, '86, W. P. Homans, '85, W. H. Baldwin, '85, with J. H. B. Easton. '83 (anchor). The latter team gained about six inches on the drop, and in spite of the repeated heaves of the other team they increased their advantage, winning at the end of the ten minutes by about 2 1/2 ft.

The following named were the officers of the course: Referee, Dr. Dudley A. Sargent; judges, Prof. John W. White, Mr. S. Mitchell, '83, Mr. W. R. Trask, '85; time-keepers, Mr. E. A. Church, U. A. A. C.; Mr. E. A. Pope, U. A. A. C.; Mr. R. D. Sears, '83; judge of walking, Mr. E. E. Merrill, U. A. A. C.; starter, Mr. G. E. Lowell, '83; measurers, Mr. H. B. Cabot, '83, Mr. J. E. Thayer, '85; scorer, Mr. W. M. Burr, '84; clerk of the course, Mr. W. F. Wesselhoeft, '84; assistant clerk of the course, Mr. A. T. French, '85.

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